Healing Beads

HopeBrown : A wellness brand for people and their dogs, cats and horse's. Handmade in Scotland and healing direct from myself.

Your pet will receive a general distant/remote healing each day, this together with the crystal energy will help restore or help keep the emotional, physical and mental balance of your pet. 

Simply clip to your dog's/cat's collar, horse's saddle,rug or bridle etc & the crystals/healing will get to work immediately on the areas your pet needs most, stress, anxiety, pain relief etc...

Disclaimer : Due to the nature of healing crystals please note that bits may break away, this may also happen if there is constant knocking. The HB beads are not intended to replace veterinary care, if your pet is unwell seek advice from your vet.

Due to many inquiries for HopeBrown healing beads for people we now have the HopeBrown

Human Unisex Wellness Bands and the colored bands for children reviews at the bottom of this page.

They work in the same way as the animals ones. HopeBrown bands help with bringing balance and helping when you need it most! helping your vibes to be positive. I do children sizes to help with confidence, upsets and hurts to name a few things. Reviews on the FB page and Etsy shop. They work fast to bring the help that is needed.

A few children's testimonials :

My niece who was having difficulty getting a full nights sleep she's been wearing the bracelet on her ankle every night and has helped so much thanks again. Linzi Addison

My daughter has been suffering from mild anxiety and upset tummys so I decided to try one of Sara's child wellness bands and so glad I did. Since wearing it the sore tummys have almost gone completely and she is feeling so much better in herself. Thank you. Maggie Shearer

You can purchase the bands from my Etsy shop link on the home page

Remember, we also help our pets/horses when we and the people/children in our family are feeling good and balanced.

Testimonials ( reviews for the unisex therapy bands are at bottom of page )

I have had problems with my dog Izzie going in cars, she used to get really worked up and was sick all the time.
A family member had told me to look into these HopeBrown beads, so i did and was amazed on what other people thought about them and how it helped them and their pets, so i purchased one for my dog.
I have not looked back since shes been wearing them. My dog seems calmer going into the car.I can take her place's and she wont get worked up and on the plus side she seems calmer at home as well as she doesn't bark as much.People on my street have seen a big difference in her.
I am glad to say I am extremely happy with the HopeBrown beads and would recommend them to everyone.
Linda Lawton and Izzie

I bought Sara's healing beads for my dog Jess a few months back and thought I'd leave a review. 
Jess was rushed into the emergency vets back in May with a ruptured spleen. When they opened her up, her abdomen was filled with blood and they found a massive tumour on the spleen. The vets own dog was brought in on standby as they thought Jess might need a transfusion as she lost so much blood. Thankfully she didn't. 
Hemangiosarcomas (the tumour) are very aggressive and spread like wild fire. Even after its removed, the dog will only live a matter of weeks. This is when I purchased the beads.
Today, Jess is completely cancer free! Vets cannot understand it! Was it the beads? Pure luck? I know what I believe :-) 
Also, she was diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy in April and hasn't had a single seizure since!

Tracey Hendra

I have just moved my 2 horses from a busy livery yard to my house and over the past few weeks they have become more and more attached resulting in both becoming very stressed and anxious when apart.

I have been using Sara's healing beads for just over a week and cannot believe the difference in both my boys!          

In general they seem more relaxed, calmer, less stressed and both can now happily stay in on their own. I can see a noticeable difference in their behaviour and the results are improving by the day.

Aileen Jeffrey

My French Bulldog Buddy and I would like to thank Sara for all the help and personal attention she gave us when we needed it. Initially I wanted the healing beads as my boy can be anxious and needy but there was an incident and my boy was in a great deal of pain and distress. Sara was there immediately just when we needed her. The results were amazing, much more so than I could ever have hoped. I would recommend Sara and her healing beads to anyone unsure, she is a lovely person with a special gift.

Janet Smith


I got healing beads for our Cyprus rescue dog. She wore them from the day she arrived, then after a month or so they came loose and fell off her collar so she didn't have them on for a few weeks. In that time she had an ear infection, eye infection and a nasty viral infection that took 2 lots of antibiotics to clear! 
Once we realised this all started since the beads came off we immediately put them back on and she is back to her lovely calm, healthy self! 
I am convinced they are a huge help to her immune system! 

Jackie Shand

I got your healing beads at the end of last year. I wrote a review as I was so pleased then, but I wanted to let you know, my dogs keep getting better and better. The separation anxiety has now gone, thank you so much.

Stuart Geddes

My Labrador Charlie has suffered from separation anxiety since he was very young, he is now 7. When we leave him for short periods he would slaver until he was soaking all down his front and constantly lick his legs and feet even causing skin on his pads to peel off! We have tried a host of things but until now nothing has made any visible difference! After putting on Sara's HopeBrown healing crystals we instantly saw a huge difference in him, for the first time we were able to leave him alone and then come home to a relaxed boy with a dry chin! Amazing!

J and A Galletta

"My daughters pony had developed a really strange problem, about a month ago, she was schooling her pony, when he started to put his head in the air and poke his nose whenever she put any contact on the bit. It was like someone had flicked a switch!

We have had the dentist and vet out, but they have been at a loss to explain it. In the end, the vet put it down to pollen allergy, and we were advised to use nets and hay fever remedies. Nothing had made a difference, and we felt the problem was getting worse, as he had even started to do it in a micklem bitless bridle. When she rode last night, we attached the beads to his bridle. There was no improvement, but I expected this, as I assumed they took time to work. However, tonight we went a ride, and we noticed a definite improvement, halfway through the ride. And by the end of the ride - he was completely normal - the first time he has been like this in weeks." 


Fiona Sutton

"I have a Westie who is getting on in years. He has recently been looking very old and tired especially the day after a long walk. After wearing his crystal for 48 hours the difference was visibly noticeable. He definitely has spring in his step. I am looking forward to many more years with my boy!!"

Helen Simpson

"Well I've had the HopeBrown healing beads on my boy diesel for less than a week & there has been a huge improvement in his ear. His right one has been red & sore for months, I syringe & clean daily, changed his food, no end of drops & steroid injections all to no avail. I'm amazed to say it is now no longer red & back to normal."

Leah Woodford

"Just want to let you know Benji is not barking like he use too and is much calmer. He does not stress when we leave him anymore. Thank you!"

Mr and Mrs Stuart

"Cassie has had a lot of pain in her back legs but is now a much happier dog thanks to your HB crystals. Thanks Sara!"

Mr and Mrs Gourly

"I got one of these for my horses and it has worked wonders . I was having real issues with my eldest horse attacking the baby and then the baby charging at people in the field but for the last few weeks since the beads have been in place the are so relaxed no charging or attacking . Thank you so much."

Verity Plumpton

After only six weeks of wearing the HopeBrown crystals the difference in Emma's skin and hair regrowth is amazing. No more itchy skin, no scratching and all redness gone.

The healing each day has also calmed her down!


"You supplied some HB beads for my spaniel Jack some time ago, to help with his arthritis,within days of wearing them he was so much better and still is. Thanks"


Andy and Jack

"Just emailing to let you know the vet is very happy with Ted, he has put on a kilo and she said they don't often come back from how poorly he was.

I'm convinced your healing beads have helped, also our older dog is thriving with healing beads as well, thank you so much."


Amy & Tedd


TESTIMONIALS for the unisex therapy bands

A big thank you for your healing beads. I wore them to the dentist when I had to have a filling replaced. After a sleepless night and with real dread I then surprised myself and the dentist. No needles! I actually felt brave and in control. thanks again!.

Judy Paterson


I bought my HopeBrown therapy band five days ago, the pains in my chest have gone, no more anxiety attacks and I feel so much better, I am coping with what comes along and have my confidence back! Thank you!

Debbie Watson


I bought the HB beads for my dogs and had great results so I thought I would give your band's ago, I have my energy back and I am sleeping at night again. Thank you.

Stuart Geddes


I got my HB therapy band 3/4 weeks ago and I would definitely recommend them. I have arthritis in my hands and knees and already I feel a MEGA difference, also i have to say, my stress levels have dropped dramatically. Thank you Sara. 
Claire Thomson


I have been using the Hb beads from Sara for only 2 weeks now and I'm so impressed at how well they work. I had a sore knee which has healed and my stress levels have dropped considerably!

Steven Linton

I recently went through a very difficult time. I was anxious, stressed and wasn't sleeping.I remembered my HB therapy beads. I began to wear them again. Almost immediately I began to feel calmer and less emotional and more able to deal with the situation and tough decisions I had to make. Thank you Sara for the comfort the beads have given me!

Kerry Rushbrooke