Welcome to Sara Brown Healer

Hello, thank you for looking up my website. Here is some information. I am a natural energy healer, not taught but a gift that has been with me from an early age. I help people in pain, animals and I specialise in competition horses and riders.


i practice hands on healing at my home at Hilltop and also distant healing, distant healing allows me to help people and animals where ever they may live in the world.


I also make healing beads for animals and wellness bands for people and children. They come under the brand name of HopeBrown. Having good mental health and emotional health is as important as good physical health, I believe we need all three to thrive, my wellness bands help to restore the balance, reduce stress for example gives the body a chance to better self heal. Less anxiety helps us cope better with what comes along. Sleeping well. Less pain. More energy. Feeling calmer. This is a small example of how my wellness bands help.

To buy the healing beads for animals (£20 inc P&P UK only) go to the buy now page, for the wellness bands (£25 inc P&P UK only) please email me at info@sarabrownhealer.co.uk I will find out your size and then you can pay. These are personal wellness bands and I make to order. For orders outside the UK please add £8 and email first.


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